Bridal Lessons

Have you always dreamed of gliding around the dance floor on your wedding day?

At Dancewell Studios, we can help with this dream!

In 3 - 5 weeks we can have you dancing to the song of your choice with a personally choreographed routine.

Who said that it had to be a bridal Waltz? How about a bridal Rumba, bridal Mambo, bridal Jive, bridal Tango, or what about a combination of several different dances??
Impress your guests with your fancy footwork and graceful moves.

Whatever you choose, our qualified teachers will be happy to work with you to come up with a routine you only ever dreamed you could do.

Make sure you bring the SHOES you will be dancing in. And remember, if you can walk, you can dance!

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2 Person class

45min  $70
30min  $45

3 Person class

45min  $75
30min  $50

4 Person class

45min  $80
30min  $55

6 Person class

45min  $85
30min  $60

8 Person class

45min  $90
30min  $65