Adult Beginner Classes



At Dancewell Studios we have brought our 37 plus years of teaching experience from all around the world and packaged it all in the what we feel is the best Adult Beginners program you will find. In only 6 sessions we will have you moving around the floor feeling confident and relaxed about your dancing.


We currently offer both Casual Tuition fees of $15 per casual /First session and our Special 6 sessions discount for only $75 (per person). This special bulk session discount can be taken at any time.


You are welcome to join our classes at any time, Beginners classes are always at a beginners level and we guarantee you will get the time and focus you need to succeed.


Dancewell studios always has two fully qualified instructor on hand to look after all new comers and those that have been before.

 So.. There is no need to book, just show up and go for it!



Childrens Classes 6 - 10years



This is a specially designed general group class for children from 6 - 10 years old.

Classes are fun and exciting in a low pressured environment and are based around forming basic skills like rhythm and Coordination.



Youth Classes 10 - 16 Years



This is a specially designed general group class for Youth from

10 - 16 years old.

Classes are based around developing basic to advanced Coordination and motor skills, Social interaction, problem solving and above all creating self confidence. Classes are always held in a low pressured environment where our primary goal is to have fun but still get results...




Dances and Dance Styles taught in all General Classes
The Waltz is one of the smoothest ballroom dances.  It is a progressive dance marked by long, flowing movements, continuous turns, and "rise and fall."  The dance is so graceful and elegant; Waltz dancers appear to glide around the floor with almost no effort.
The Foxtrot is a smoothest of the ballroom dances in which dances glide making long flowing movements across the floor.
The Tango is one of the most fascinating of ballroom dances.  This sensual dance originated from South America in the early twentieth century.
The Quickstep is a light-hearted ballroom dance.  The movement of the dance is fast and powerfully flowing  and sprinkled with syncopated feet rhythms and runs.
Viennese Waltz
The Viennese is a quick rotating ballroom dance with a subtly rise and fall.  It is considered to be one of the most difficult dances to learn.  The simple elegant rotational movement characterises the Viennese Waltz
Cha Cha
The Cha Cha is a vibrant, flamboyant and playful dance.  The light and bubbly feel of the Cha Cha gives it a unique sense of fun for dancers throughout the world.  The Cha Cha requires small steps and lots of hip motion (Cuban motion)
Full of sensual movements, the Rumba is considered by many to be the sexiest of the ballroom dances. This dance of love is one of the most popular ballroom dances.
The fastest of the Latin dances, the Jive incorporates lots of kicks and flicks, even twirling of the woman.  Although Jive dancers may appear to be moving their feet haphazardly in every direction, the feet are actually well controlled under the body with knees close together.
Over the years the Samba has incorporated elaborate tricks, turns and acrobatic feats into its basic set of figures,  The main characteristics of the Samba are the rapid steps taken on quarter beats and a rocking, swaying motion of the dancers.
Traditionally the man is characterised as the matador (bullfighter) and the lady as his cape in the drama of a Spanish bullfight.  Based on Flamenco dancing the Paso Doble is both arrogant and passionate.  The Paso Doble is performed more as a competition/medal dance than as a social dance.
New Vogue

The New Vogue dance style is an Australian form of sequence dancing that originated in the 1930's, and has become an important part of the Australian and New Zealand ballroom scene.

There are a large number of New Vogue  dances  and each New Vogue Dance is based on one of several  sub categories, including  Viennese Waltz Rhythm, Foxtrot Rhythm, March Rhythm and Tango Rhythm and all are based on a sequence of dance steps which are continually repeated.

Rock'n'Roll dancing was born in the late 1940's and became popular with teenagers in the 1950's, and is still as popular today with all generations.  It is a great dance skill to have to take with you to parties and social events.
Street Latin
A very energetic Latin dance.  Lots of fun, complete with spins, sharp movement, and crisp turns.
Originally from Cuba, the Mambo is enjoyed throughout the world.  It is a high energy dance with infectious rhythms and a distinctive hip movement, hence the meaning of the word mambo 'shake it.'
A fast Latin dance that never slows down. The national dance of the Dominican Republic, the Merengue is a fun dance that is very easy to learn and is ideally suited to the small, crowded dance floor.