Private Tuition

So you've decided to check out private tuition.

Whether it is to learn that one-off dance, challenge yourself with a high-level medal or just see what it is all really about, private tuition is what we call the "Rolls Royce" of learning...

You can't get any better!

Why have Private Lessons:

Take the first step, we'll do the rest!

Starting this year, The Dancewell Studios is very proud to announce its new Amateur Teachers program and pricing structure. Amateur Teachers are available to all Students (Medal, Private, Social and Competition) for those who wish to have a lesson with their Amateur teacher whom is running their medal class or just needs that bit of extra practice to get that particular step.

Amateur teachers are fully trained by Marcus Ashwell to a level that will meet with your needs. Amateur Teachers are placed in the schools under invitation only from the studio and are extremely dedicated people who are instructed to help where they can and if required, bring questions to their training sessions and they will work through your questions. Amateur teachers are not allowed to train people out of studio guide lines or their level. If you’re not sure, please just ask.

Marcus Ashwell :$70 per hour and $35 half hour
Amateur Teachers: $50 per hour and $25 half hour

Email or Phone us for more details and to see if your time and day is available